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It’s all about the money, money, money


Over the past few years, most marketers have experienced significant budget cuts within their roles. Gone are the days of push tactics in the vague hope that something fruitful will prosper; marketers now need to be far more analytical and financially focused to prove the return on investment for each and every activity.

Hiring is no different.As hiring decisions have become more business critical over the past year and the repercussions of making poor decisions have become more visible, the need to ‘get it right’ and hire the right candidate the first time around has become imperative.So how should a marketer market themselves when looking for that next role, and how can businesses spot a good candidate? For both candidate and employer, it’s all showing the return on investment you can provide. For an employer, this is about showing candidates what they’ll be getting for their time investment over and above another potential employer. If they’re a quality candidate, chances are you won’t be the only business after them, so remember that you’re selling the business, culture and role just as much as they’re selling their expertise.From a candidate’s perspective, this is about clearly demonstrating what skills, experience, knowledge and type of person they’ll be buying into, and what they can expect as a result. It’s becoming increasingly important for marketers to have financial acumen and possess the skills to work within a budget that’s commercially aligned to the strategy of the organisation. The way you present your CV can clearly support or deny this; back up all key achievements with supporting figures and data wherever possible to justify your expected salary.On top of this, consider your personal brand. Everyone now has an online identity, but research what yours looks like, how you present yourself to the wider market and how this may reflect on your career. Develop your personal brand by positioning yourself as an expert, contributing to market insight, being visible in your sector and growing both your professional and social networks.For more career advice and guidance, visit the EMR Career Suite.

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