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Is your business equipped for mobile?


Facebook’s revelation that 76% of its revenue now comes from mobile ads hammers home the point (as if it was really needed) that mobile phones are no longer just a straightforward means of communication. Consumers now use them as an instant gratification access point to browse and even buy products and services.

Along with Google’s recent move to prioritise mobile sites in all searches, the bottom line is that businesses must take notice of mobile marketing and implement this into the core of the customer strategy. A recent survey by EMR revealed we aren’t there yet – only a third (34%) of marketing professionals are confident their business will be able to keep up with mobile change in the next year.

Plugging the gap requires new talent or up-skilling current employees through training programmes, enabling them to create and implement a successful and competitive mobile marketing strategy.

The EMR salary survey reveals across all areas of digital expertise, mobile marketing is the area in which marketers have the least experience – just 7% indicated ‘significant experience’ in mobile marketing compared, for example, with 24% in social media.

Whether Marketing Directors outsource their mobile talent, recruit mobile specialists or upskill their current team, talent – and the right talent – is the way to tackle the mobile revolution. But it’s not cheap. Mobile specialists currently earn 14% more (£66,250 rather than £57,980) than the average marketer according to the EMR salary survey, so hiring managers need to snap up their mobile gurus now before the premium soars further. Facebook’s CFO said “mobile is the engine of our revenue growth” – now is the time to consider where mobile sits within business strategy.

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