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Is job satisfaction the key to making marketers happy?


Some people are never happy, irrespective of personal and professional successes, and Jose Mourinho certainly seems like someone who doesn’t get a lot of happiness out of his job despite tremendous success. To many people the professional equivalent of beating Arsenal 12 times on the trot would leave them smiling but ‘The Special One’, famous for his dour outlook, has been on the record as describing this feat as nothing to write home about. 

Happiness in the workplace is crucial, particularly for marketers who must be comfortable experimenting with new strategies and technology. Over the past week, we asked marketers about what makes them most happy in the workplace via a poll on our website.

According to the results, ‘Job Satisfaction’ is key to making marketers happy in their career with a massive 59% of respondents identifying fulfilling work as the most important factor in their work life. This was followed by 27% who identified a positive work-life balance as key. Dollar (AKA monetary remuneration) came in last, indicated by just 14% of respondents.

Here at EMR we’ve always had our suspicions that marketers secretly love working in their field, and the fact so many of them are serious about the quality of the work they do confirms this. The business community has occasionally looked to football managers for getting the best from a team – perhaps Jose & Co will soon be looking to marketers to get the best out of their career!

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