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Immersed in marketing. Immersed in change.


In December 1994, the gaming world was revolutionised by the launch of the first PlayStation. 20 years on, you can tell your Xbox to record EastEnders while you take down bad guys in an immersive virtual reality dystopia. It’s fair to say that we’ve seen just as much change over the last two decades in marketing recruitment.

When EMR was launched shortly before the PS1, many of our candidates would have found roles advertised in the newspaper and applied by post (probably after waiting an eternity for their covering letter to inch its way out of the printer.) That application would get to the employer a day or two later. To speed up the process…we used to fax shortlists to clients.

With the onset of the digital age and the rise of social media, job boards, mobile sites, candidates are coming from so many directions that you don’t know where to aim the crosshairs. This has bought fresh challenges for established recruiters: to be hyper-specialist, to shift our mindset from having “the best database” to “exceptional CRM,” to bring efficiency, direction and simplification to the recruitment process. To bring a human touch.

It’s not just the way people apply for jobs that’s changed beyond all recognition. In 20 years, we’ve survived the aftermath of the early 90s UK recession, burst through the Dot Com Bubble and traded our way out of the Credit Crunch.

In an ever-changing world and an industry that’s in a constant state of flux, who can say how we’ll be recruiting in another two decades? With new social phenomena rising and falling in the blink of an eye, what comes after LinkedIn? What comes after Skype interviews? We approach that future with hope, with anticipation...and with a great deal of excitement.

In celebrating our 20th anniversary (three PlayStations and a couple of handhelds on) we’d like to thank every one of our clients, candidates and employees. Here’s looking forward to our next two decades of placing talented marketers – and the challenges and changes that those decades will bring.


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