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Hunger for senior experts returns to the corporate sector


With the economy growing well, the corporate sector is part of the land of opportunity for those seeking senior roles.

The UK has spent over a year leading the way in Europe and the developed world in general in its economic growth, with the labour market feeling the benefit.

In overall terms, this has seen rapid improvement as the UK jobless figures have plunged, the workforce has risen to record levels (30.6 million and counting) and the tally of vacancies has soared.

The latter figures show that in quarterly terms, there were 656,000 of these in the three months to July 2014, up 119,000 on the same period last year.

Critically, as the economy hots up, the corporate world now has every good reason to increase its own recruitment. For those seeking such jobs, now is certainly a good time to seek a senior position. After all, most of them will be about taking on some exciting new projects aimed at expanding firms, increasing staffing levels, seeking out new markets and capturing the potential of the latest innovations. All this will be a far cry from the redundancies and battles for survival that will have preoccupied many boardrooms in recent years.

Looking at the trends, growth is happening in both small and large companies, with the official statistics showing companies with over 2,500 employees accounted for 254,000 of them in the May-July quarter, up from 225,000 a year before.

While all this may create opportunities for executives seeking roles just as it does at all levels of the job market, companies wanting to bring in the best senior talent will need to access top recruitment expertise in order to make sure they get ahead in the race to find the people who will make a big difference at the top.

To achieve such aims, however, is not so easy. According to research by LinkedIn Talent Solutions, 82 per cent of professionals polled said the brand image of an employer has an impact on its ability to hire the best talent. This means a firm must be able to sell itself well in wider terms, as a company that others are happy to do business with and is held in good public regard.

However, if any two companies are seeking to make senior hires and have similar reputational levels, it could be the use of recruitment services that makes the difference in helping employers to make good decisions.

So while it may help that a company is in the Sunday Times list of the best 100 companies to work for or another prestigious chart, this is not necessarily the only route to success. By being smart with information and using the best expertise around, organisations looking to bring in the best talent at the top in a time of new economic growth can do just that - and both they and the new executives can reap the rewards.


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