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How to manage a marketing campaign


For novices in the marketing and advertising profession, one way to make their way up the greasy ladder could be to aim for a campaign management role - a challenging position that involves a great deal of organisation and co-ordination, especially when working on an international scale.

While this can sound like a daunting prospect, it is also an impressive step up for anyone hoping to make their mark at a marketing company, and offers the prospect of further advancement as well as the chance to hone leadership and communication skills that could be vital in an executive position.

But how should marketing professionals prepare themselves for taking on this new role? Here are a few tips on how to perform strongly as a campaign manager.

The most fundamental aspect of the position involves working with a diverse team, some of whom will have conflicting aims or different ideas of how to proceed with the project.

Ultimately, a campaign manager needs to use their communications and networking skills to help bring these disparate threads together and ensure they work towards a common solution to any problems that occur. They also need to be well-organised and aware of any changes that occur within their workforce.

Mike Gospe, who has helped companies like HP, Sun, Ariba, Informatica and Symantec with their marketing campaigns over the years, stresses the importance of savviness and diplomacy within the role - qualities that would be useful in any manager.

However, there are certain specific aspects of the marketing world that must be taken on board as well.

The most suitable campaign managers "are experienced all-around marketing athletes with proven leadership abilities. Clearly, the best people understand how marketing works", said Mr Gospe, writing for KickStart Alliance.

Finally, upwardly-mobile marketers should not be in it solely for the glory.

"Campaign managers take their success not from their own actions, but from the accomplishments of the team. They look for opportunities to involve others in mapping the campaign strategy," concluded Mr Gospe.

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