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How to be heard in the C-suite


An absolute obsession with the customer and their needs” – that ought to be the core tenet of an excellent marketing strategy. If the customer wants digital, and undoubtedly they do in most cases, that needs to be a platform readily available to them for accessing a company’s service or product. A great example is the growth of mobile technology; eMarketer predicts that 70% of digital spend will be on mobile by 2018 and mobile payments are set to hit over £1.2billion a week by 2020.

A company’s leadership is ultimately responsible for its strategy, and leaderships that fail to realise that digital should be at the heart of their operations will soon encounter trouble. The problem that many organisations face is that their C-suite do not necessarily realise that digital should no longer be an afterthought, but should instead be central to all of their operations and not restricted to the marketing department.

At a recent roundtable event we hosted in partnership with digital training experts, the Knowledge Engineers, this was a key talking point. Panellists were clear that marketing departments need to communicate the customers’ digital needs in a way that appeals to the Board members’ commercial acumen. Techniques a marketing director may employ to capture the right sort of attention include comparing their own digital strategy to that of their key competitors (if they are doing it better), talking in terms of increasing profit or even presenting the results of consumer discussion groups. The panellists concluded that the language of “digital” must be swapped to “customer” – everyone understands “the customer”, it is familiar and nothing to be scared of.

Marketing directors need to take up the mantle of the customer in the Board room, using the language of the customer to assert that digital is simply an aspect of the constantly evolving omnichannel experience.



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