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Good video marketing 'should be reactive'


With digital marketing recruitment levels on the up and a growing number of companies expressing their willingness to invest in innovative online campaigns, the industry has changed a great deal over the last decade.

One major shift has been the move towards reactive strategies - because the boundary between content and the public has been eroded, firms need to be ready to change their approach at a moment's notice.

This is especially true in the field of video marketing, according to Framestore executive producer Simon Whalley.

He pointed to the recent emergence of virtual brand ambassadors that can now have an existence independent of a television or radio spot - Compare the Market's Aleksandr meerkat is the obvious example here, having appeared on This Morning and generated a swathe of marketing opportunities.

"By giving them lives that reach beyond the 30-second TV spot, they've managed to generate unprecedented levels of exposure for brands from sectors not normally known for their sexiness," explained Mr Whalley, writing in Marketing Magazine.

Realtime CG - the technology used to create Aleksandr, as well as other virtual brand ambassadors in the UK and US - is central to this shift, and also to the potential for reactive and engaging marketing using this kind of tool.

"It's a rather convenient way to take ownership of instantly created, easily controllable and always-on 'human' brand ambassadors," the digital marketing expert concluded.

Formatting improvements like G4, MPEG-DASH and H265 mean that video is becoming a quick-response medium, something that is crucial to its evolution in the world of social media and impatient consumers. international director Frans Falize, speaking at this year's Festival of Media Global, recently stressed the importance of personalising marketing techniques to specific consumers, something that is becoming easier for video marketing with the advent of the technologies alluded to above.

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