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Gender gap at the top of the marketing tree


David Cameron’s plans to tackle the gender pay gap are as welcome in the realm of marketing and communications as any other. While the differing experiences of men and women in the marketing industry may not have garnered as much media attention as the Hollywood pay gap, EMR’s research has found that men are still ahead when it comes to getting to the top.

That isn’t to say there has been no progress; according to EMR’s salary & market trend report 2015 there has been a 7% increase in women in the marketing and communications industry.  However, men remain more likely than women to make it to the most senior positions in the profession, with the same research highlighting that 6% more men reach Group Account Director level than their female counterparts.

While there are a complex range of factors at play here, a separate study by EMR found that male marketers are more than twice as likely as their female counterparts to study for an MBA level qualification – which can increase marketers’ salaries by a significant 43%. Previous EMR blogs have highlighted the enthusiasm for professional qualifications within the industry, and the fact that 84% of large US companies plan on hiring MBA grads this year is testament to the wider esteem in which they are held.

The record number of women heading off to university this autumn marks a fantastic effort from policymakers in reducing gender disparity in university education.  Now it is time to ensure women have equal access to the professional qualifications that are a pathway to industry leadership.

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