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FT continues digital push


The Financial Times, one of the UK's most prestigious newspapers, is traditionally associated with well-heeled financiers on the Tube, getting up in everyone else's face by trying to flick through its outsize pink pages.

However, it has recently turned to digital marketing in a bid to appeal to a new demographic and showcase the range of content it produces.

It recently launched the first campaign of its new strategy, streaming editorial content to outdoor display screens targeting the London offices of blue chip companies such as Google and IBM.

Headlines will be displayed across the city in various different locations, with the news tailored to appeal to specific markets depending on the area - highlighting a key benefit of digital marketing, its innate flexibility.

The scheme comes as part of a tie-up with outdoor advertising firm ECNlive whose digital display network reaches 500,000 executives across the city, reports Marketing Week.

While it is a tad disappointing the FT hasn't gone for a major shift in its target audience, it is clear the newspaper wishes to modernise its somewhat stagnant profile.

Speaking last month, Catherine Jacklin, FT director of global brand and B2B marketing, said: "We have been perceived in the past as perhaps just a content provider for the global c-suite but we think good business is everyone’s business."

"We're also looking to increase our audience reach to new people and broadening out our demographics - to 18 to 24-year-olds or markets in which we haven't grown as quickly."

The venerable newspaper has been part of British life for 125 years, with its adoption of digital marketing techniques showing that it is never too late to benefit from the positives this area can bring to businesses.

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