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Fonehouse offering B2B partnerships


Fonehouse, a mobile phone retailer established in 1994, has announced plans to boost its B2B marketing efforts by taking on up to 20 dealers under its B2B branded partnership programme by the end of the year.

In addition to creating B2B marketing jobs, this emphasises the increasing importance of forming links and connections in the industry, potentially enhancing the commercial opportunities available to firms in the sector.

Despite initially only being based in London, Fonehouse now has 49 stores across the country and has close links to all UK phone manufacturers and major networks, meaning it can compete with major industry players such as O2.

The Fonehouse Business Partnership Programme aims to sell business and unified comms deals through a network of mobile, fixed line and IT resellers based in every county, reports Mobile Today.

Four dealers have already signed up to the scheme, with between 15 and 20 expected to come in before Christmas.

Group sales director Russ Wheeler, who is a key architect of the scheme, said the company is looking for IT and fixed line resellers as well as mobile dealers to join the programme.

"This is a great opportunity. My background as a dealer means the programme is built with dealers in mind. I understand what dealers need," he added.

"We trade under a strong brand, greater commercials because of the volumes we do, greater marketing support by supplying exclusive leads every month via our call centre, which, via Deal Builder, our partners will be able to see in real time."

The boom in smartphones, mobile working and the use of telecommunications technology in the workplace means that B2B is a crucial area for the mobile industry, especially given the speed of adaption and the fast-changing nature of mobile technology.

Mr Wheeler's scheme could ensure that B2B marketers are able to get ahead of the game, albeit with a loss of some independence.

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