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Email 'still performing strongly for marketers'


There's something that feels a bit retro about email marketing, like the Crazy Frog ringtone that made 2004 such an unexpectedly noisy time or ads that revolve around young people with skateboards drinking fizzy beverages.

However, it remains one of the most profitable parts of the digital marketing toolbox, according to a new report.

The seventh edition of the Email Marketing Industry Census, published by Econsultancy and Adestra, suggested that email remains very strong for return on investment (ROI) - two-thirds of marketers rate it as delivering good or excellent ROI.

As a relatively low-tech, low-maintenance channel, email can offer up some impressive results when compared to the small amounts spent on getting it going.

But this attitude can go too far - the new study suggests that marketers are not spending enough time on polishing their campaigns, both in terms of design and content.

More than a quarter admitted that they do not spend any time optimising marketing emails, while 15 per cent described their company's current campaign as 'poor'.

Linus Gregoriadis, research director at Econsultancy, said: "Many companies are still procrastinating when it comes to best practice and optimisation. Too many businesses are still only planning to make improvements to their email marketing efforts, rather than taking the plunge and putting best practice into action."

He stressed that many marketing directors have a tendency to focus on the aesthetic appeal of their emails, rather than concentrating on the bottom line - which should be the main aim of every company in the current financial climate.

While some firms exist that solely concentrate on email marketing, for many it is part of a more holistic approach - meaning online marketing recruitment firms should stress that employees need to work on this aspect of their skillset if they want to succeed in getting the best roles.

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