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Email marketing 'still has a place to play'


An analysis of many of the job specifications put forward by online marketing recruitment businesses would reveal that buzzwords such as forward-thinking are high on many companies' lists for potential hires, with UK firms keen to capitalise on the country's strong web infrastructure by creating high-tech, engaging advertisements.

While this desire is understandable, as is often the case it turns out that the old techniques may still have something going for them.

According to Andrew Boulton, copywriter at the Together Agency, email marketing has been unfairly dismissed in the stampede towards the greener pastures and sunnier climes of social media.

Writing in the Drum, the expert argued that the rise of one form of marketing does not necessarily signal another's demise - for instance, the fact that most homes now own a television hasn't stopped marketers from producing billboards or radio adverts.

However, what it does mean is that older or more traditional forms of advertising need to become smarter and adapt to the new environment if they are to remain relevant.

"At the heart of this, as in any form of digital marketing or communications, is the quality of content. Asking people to subscribe is nowhere near good enough. We must be compelling them to subscribe with reasons that appeal directly and imaginatively to their interests," argued Mr Boulton.

He stressed that the immediacy of email as a medium and its ability to deliver messages in a timely way to interested consumers mean that it still has a role to play in the ecology of digital marketing.

Furthermore, the directive nature of email - that is, the fact that it can be targeted at customers or service users that have expressed a desire to learn more about a particular product - means that it can avoid the potential 'nuisance value' of blanket-focused social media posts.

Ultimately, digital marketers must use all the tools at their disposal to succeed - and email remains an important part of their armoury.

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