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Digital marketing in the investment sector


While the majority of firms are now aware of the need for an engaging online presence, digital marketing chiefs are finding that more traditional industries - such as the wealth management and investment sector - are content to rest on their laurels and prestige rather than embrace the web.

This may not cause too many problems in the short term, but other sectors have shown that firms which do not adapt to the digital future tend to fall behind their counterparts in time.

Organisations are confused by the proliferation of different digital channels and uncertain about what they can offer them, a situation only exacerbated when marketing professionals prove unable to offer coherent or statistical analysis of the benefits.

As the market changes, with regulatory shifts putting pressure on investment firms and more competition emerging, bringing in talented digital marketers can help them stand out from the crowd.

A survey conducted last year by Glue Reply, showed that credit card companies are ahead of the pack when it comes to adopting social media.

Worryingly, a third of financial services companies admitted they were still learning how best to use social media platforms, while 20 per cent admitted they did not yet have a dedicated digital marketing department.

This is particularly strange given how many of the trends in digital could link up easily with the marketing aims of financial services firms.

Experian's latest market survey suggested social sharing and referring is likely to be crucial over the next 12 months - given the importance of reputation in wealth management and investment, this could offer firms a major opportunity.

Managing director Jon Buss said: "It's clear that offline and online communications will continue to blur as cross-channel marketing becomes the norm. Thanks to digital channels we've moved on from a one-way flow of information."

However, finding the talent who can drive digital strategies can be a challenge in itself. At EMR we recommend businesses partner with specialist recruiters who offer them connections with the host of digital talent available in the UK.


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