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Digital marketing 'central to wine sales'


Online marketing recruitment has seen many changes over the last decade, especially as digital becomes an integral part of the strategies of many industries that might have turned their nose up at the use of technology in the past.

While beer and spirit manufacturers have embraced the power of social media as a crucial way to connect with customers and develop a specific image for their particular brand of alcohol - laddish and zany for WKD, sophisticated for Smirnoff, and so on - vintners traditionally operated in a more old-fashioned way.

However, the perception of wine as something that is bought in fashionable delis and boutique stores could be changing, according to a new report from research group Wine Intelligence.

Revealing the results at trade show Vinexpo, the organisation's chief operating officer Richard Halstead highlighted several digital techniques currently being used across the globe to help encourage consumers to purchase wine over the net.

"The internet is allowing consumers to access wine in an unprecedented way," Mr Halstead said, although he also warned of the danger of 'information overload', encouraging marketers to package their information in an appealing way.

There are several ways they can do this - he pointed to initiatives such as offering buyers the chance to connect with a sommelier through a video live-link, meaning they can learn more about how to appreciate wines from their own home.

What's more, as global trends show that off-sales is becoming central to how people consume wine - apparently some 60 per cent of wine is now drank at home, rather than at bars or restaurants - businesses can embrace a major opportunity to tap into the online market.

As social media and digital resources make it easier than ever before to connect with customers, it seems clear the industry will create jobs for marketing experts over the coming years.

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