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Corporate communications and business transparency


The financial crisis of 2008 and the successive shockwaves that have reverberated around the business community has made UK firms more aware than ever of the importance of communicating directly with customers, investors and stakeholders in a bid to retain their trust.

With the increased focus on transparency, communications recruitment has never been more crucial to companies, but how can people working in the industry go about rehabilitating the image of British business?

European corporate communications agency Addison stresses the importance of offering an integrated service, combining financial and sustainability reporting, internal communications, brand and corporate identity management and digital media.

This ensures that all areas of a company's public profile are covered and working in harmony, something that is especially important in the always-on world of social media and the web.

"Regulators are becoming more concerned with how companies add value than how they make money. Employees are more informed and more vocal, and society as whole now expects more from business," Addison declared

Corporate communications needs to respond to this cultural shift by offering a responsive service that engages with the public, as well as identifying the areas people consider most important in terms of business ethics.

One concern that has emerged in recent years is sustainability, with the majority of UK firms now aware of the importance of creating green systems and cutting down on carbon emissions.

With a variety of different options available to companies that want to become more environmentally-friendly - from installing solar panels to reducing paper wastage or encouraging staff to use greener transport methods - it is clear that corporate communications needs to step up and highlight the use of such initiatives.

The public is growing increasingly aware of climate change and the potential for environmental disaster, and firms that want to stand out from their rivals and impress consumers or potential partners can do so by showcasing their strong ethics and willingness to green up their act.

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