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Consumer & FMCG market summary

With the UK economy on the up and an increased sense of optimism within the market, many businesses across the consumer and FMCG sectors are looking towards aggressive growth. With the rise of digital channels and importance of advances such as mobile communication, many businesses are looking to bring on board leaders to drive their strategy. As a result the demand for senior professionals across consumer and FMCG has risen significantly in recent months, suggesting an exciting time ahead for the sector and the UK.

Along with more senior heads being drafted in we’re also witnessing a general increase in businesses looking to grow their marketing and digital teams to help drive business growth and strategy. Due to this, more opportunities have opened up across the market for marketing professionals, a trend we expect to continue over the coming quarter and beyond.

With more confidence in the market and investment from businesses, the demand for top talent is also on the rise. Senior marketing leaders are becoming ever more particular in finding the most talented and highly skilled experts who can hit the ground running and make a significant impact on the marketing function. However, due to such demand we’re regularly experiencing businesses fighting for highly skilled professionals, particularly those with vast and in-depth digital expertise.

For candidates in high demand this has only been a positive trend. Those who are highly sought across the industry are often receiving a significant uplift in salaries as businesses take the necessary steps to secure their expertise. It is not uncommon for professionals to be receiving salary uplifts of between 15-20% when moving to a new role, a sizeable increase we’ve not witnessed for some time. 

With confidence in the market it is without doubt an exciting time for the consumer and FMCG sectors. Opportunities for marketers are high and we expect to see major growth across the UK over the next year. The challenge for many will be finding the talent with the experience businesses need.

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