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Connectivity 'can be transformative for marketing'


People in senior digital marketing positions should be aware of the transformative power of connectivity and mobile access, an expert has claimed, stressing that the industry has been changed immeasurably by the advent of smartphones.

Ahead of his speech at the Mobile World Congress, Unilever chief marketing and communications officer Keith Weed stressed that mobile use has had a behavioural impact on people across the globe.

Writing in Marketing Magazine, he pointed out that the combination of social media use and the ability to access sites such as Facebook and Twitter through smartphones marks one of the biggest opportunities for modern marketing seen in recent years.

"More than half of all activity on Facebook and Twitter now happens on a mobile device," the communications officer explained.

This means that a generation of media-savvy, screen-happy young people are in a position where schemes that make use of QR codes and other processes are completely natural to them, meaning that integrated marketing campaigns are more important than ever if businesses are to reach a wide audience.

"Mobile is affecting the way consumers engage with the world; it is therefore only natural that it has changed the way we engage with them, and the way we do marketing," argued Mr Weed.

One major change in how digital marketers should approach their role, he suggested, is that their should be a shift in focus on how campaigns are rolled out - previously, firms would attempt to launch several big pushes over the course of a year, but the realities of mobile mean that they should aim to connect with consumers 365 days a year, adopting a more organic approach.

"Mobile does require a different type of consumer engagement and way of working, but I, for one, am very excited by it," Mr Weed concluded.

Ultimately, however, content remains key to success - whichever platform campaigns are rolled out on, it is crucial that talented staff are producing the best work possible to engage with an increasingly advertising-conscious consumer base.


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