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Communications market summary

Over recent months there has been an improved commitment by many larger corporate organisations to improve employee engagement across the business. With the economy on the up and opportunities within the employment market increasing many corporate businesses are aware of the dangers of losing employees and deploying internal methods to retain professionals.

As a result many corporate businesses are looking to expand their internal communications to drive campaigns and activity which will enhance employee engagement and assist with talent retention. This trend is causing a rise in demand for internal comms specialists, with many new opportunities for talented candidates who can demonstrate a wealth of previous experience.

Across general communications many organisations are looking to improve their digital capabilities and explore new online channels as a means of communicating effectively with their target audiences. As with most sectors, communications specialists with digital expertise across channels such as social media, mobile etc are highly sought and able to command impressive packages when moving to new roles.

However, with a shortfall in comms specialists available within the market we’re quite commonly witnessing businesses fighting for talent from a small pool of experts. A trend we anticipate will continue in the short term.

In addition, the characteristics businesses are looking for in their communications experts are beginning to change. Not only are organisations keen to attract professionals with digital expertise but also candidates with an entrepreneurial and creative spirit who can introduce new and dynamic ways of communicating. A regular requirement in the interview process is for candidates to demonstrate how they have produced and driven innovative communications from scratch in previous roles with entrepreneurial flair.

A further trend we’re witnessing at EMR is the increasing demand for communications teams to demonstrate the effectiveness of their campaigns. With increased financial investment, businesses are keen to ensure they’re receiving maximum engagement both internally and externally.

Overall there is an air of optimism within the market as organisations begin to grow their internal comms and communications teams. Whilst the availability of candidates may currently be lower than expected it’s only a matter of time before candidates open up to new opportunities within the market.

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