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Communicating with your client – not just their audience


PR professionals are constantly juggling a number of audiences. There are journalists to contend with on the one hand and, depending on whether you’re in-house or based in an agency, either your company’s or your client’s core target audience to understand.

However, clear communication is not just crucial in these scenarios – or indeed during an interview for a Spanish radio station, as Justin Bieber recently discovered. For PRs working on the agency side it’s also crucial to develop excellent communication with clients, not only showcasing their comms skills from a media perspective, but also their management skills from a relationships perspective.

Most importantly, every client is different and it’s important for PRs to tailor their approach, as companies (ultimately made up of people) all have different ways of working. For PRs to have empathy in this regard is crucial.

Relationship Audits, a firm specialising in client-agency relationships, also highlights the importance of quality communications and for PR firms to not just pump out meaningless bumf to their clients, when they don’t have time to give this adequate attention and may even miss the important stuff.

Honesty, closely linked to transparency, is also crucial. PR agencies need to let their clients know what the battle-plan is and when an issue rears its head to flag this as soon as possible, as well as the solution.

Empathy, relevance and honesty are our ‘top three’ for good agency communication with clients and ensuring these virtues are adhered to will hopefully avoid any premature departures like the Bieb’s!

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