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CMO & CIO: Natural allies


Marketers have long understood the importance of digital in modern corporate strategy. As customer journeys migrated online over the past decade, marketing departments have needed to be agile to expand their offering onto new platforms and channels. A key example of this is mobile; as consumers access the internet via mobile more frequently marketers must ensure they have the capabilities to meet their needs. As a result, mobile marketing spend is now expected to surpass the $300bn mark globally this year.

While marketing departments understand that the modern business needs to eliminate any gulf between its digital self and its physical self, other departments within an organisation may not share the same understanding of just how necessary being digitally focused is. CMOs may face opposition from financial controllers who are reluctant to commit to the capital outlays required to upscale an organisation’s digital offering. When polled by digital agency Omobono, just 23% of staff in other departments thought digital strategy should be led by the marketing department.

A previous blog from EMR suggested that marketers need to frame their organisations’ digital requirements in a customer-centric way in order to be heard. While this still holds true, marketers would also do well to look for support from other key drivers of technological advancement within their companies. Chief Information Officers are a highly important part of the modern commercial landscape, and have evolved from a ‘caretaker’ role to that of a technological strategist. A CIO’s opinion on all things tech will carry a lot of weight within any boardroom when it comes to digitisation, and they are likely to be key proponents of integrating digital across an organisation.

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