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Christmas supermarket sweep

The UK supermarket landscape has become increasingly competitive over recent years. Established FTSE giants like Morrisons and Tesco have come under severe financial pressure after years of strong performance, while continental upstarts like Lidl and Aldi are making significant inroads along with premium brands like Waitrose.

Christmas has always been hugely important to these retailers, and their offerings are defined each year by elaborate Christmas adverts. With more seemingly at stake this year than ever before, we decided to ask savvy marketers whose adverts were putting them in North-pole position to drive sales as the big day approaches.

Interestingly, marketers believe the best advert of the season belongs to Aldi – with 31% of those polled picking it out. Aldi’s campaign spoofed John Lewis’s ‘man on the moon’ campaign, and illustrates the effectiveness of a humour-led approach to the festive season which resonates with the British public. Lidl’s ‘The Lidl School of Christmas’ polled fourth – which is a valiant effort when looked at in the context of its 4.4% market share. While the budget challenger brands’ market share may still be lagging behind those of the more established players, it seems they are certainly building their brands effectively in the public consciousness – providing them with a good platform to grow.

For the more established brands, the results were mixed. Sainsbury’s came second with 22% of the vote for ‘Mog’s Christmas Calamity’, which shows that crossing over with existing TV characters can pay dividends. Morrison’s and Asda’s efforts were not so well received by marketers however, sharing just 6% of the vote between them.

While a good television advert can provide supermarkets with a great boost over the Christmas period, marketers need to ensure that they have top quality offerings across all channels. UK online spending is set to soar next year – and those who fail to invest risk being left behind.

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