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Brands 'need to be reactive'


One of the small consolations of living in the modern world is that, no matter how powerless one is in reality, social media platforms such as Twitter offer us the ability to rant wildly about things beyond our control and feel momentarily more important.

This has had an impact on digital marketing recruitment as well - industry professionals have found that it is no longer enough to simply publicise a new brand, with the internet making it crucial for marketers to act responsively. international director Frans Falize, speaking at this year's Festival of Media Global, pointed to 'personalisation' as a key trend in the modern marketing industry, reports Marketing Week.

"There isn't just one consumer, there are millions with individual needs and preferences," Mr Falize explained. While this may seem like a daunting prospect for those who would prefer a more old-school approach, for businesses willing to embrace the digital future this should be seen as a major opportunity.

Allowing consumers to feel like part of the conversation, shaping how brands develop and interacting with campaigns, could ensure that they remain loyal to particular products or service providers, or simply keep them engaged with particular trading areas.

Visa chief marketing officer of core products Kevin Burke added: "Retailers know that consumers have this new power and access to information, so what we need to do as marketers is look at these data sets, find ways of creating hyper-relevant content, and engaging with consumers along that journey so we can help shape their behaviour."

While the new world of 'always-on' marketing poses a unique set of challenges, it is obvious that digital channels can offer major benefits if they are harnessed to full effect.

Many companies will find themselves looking towards a new generation of web-savvy marketers in order to do just that.

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