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Boldly going where no brand has gone before

Amazon’s CEO and founder surprised us all with the announcement that it has entered the commercial “space-race” of the 21st Century with the first successful mission of Blue Origin LLC’s rocket. Jeff Bezos isn’t the first CEO to have an interest in space travel, with British billionaire Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic endeavour aiming to bring it to the mass market one day. Unfortunately for the people of Earth, Donald Trump has yet to announce whether he has any intentions of returning to his home planet.

A bit closer to home, other innovators are “boldly going” where no brand has gone before with the Saucy Fish Co. following other grocers in launching a direct-to-consumer offering. While it may seem strange for an FCMG food retailer to swap the tried and tested in-store approach for a direct one, there is nothing fishy about the Sauce’s decision when examined in further detail. More consumers than ever are shopping via digital channels, with the average British consumer online forecast to spend over £1,300 online next year. Ordering grocery items online is nothing new, with major supermarkets long using the internet as the basis for their delivery businesses – illustrating that customers are more than willing to buy essentials over the web.

Furthermore, the decision to sell directly to consumers also frees the brand from a reliance on retailers that can make or break products in the food and drink sector. In the past two years, the Saucy Fish Co. has been delisted by Tesco twice – a threat that would be diminished by a strong online offering.

While the move naturally carries risks such as in-store popularity not translating into online demand, it is hard to fault the Saucy Fish Co. for seeking bountiful catches on the high seas of ecommerce.

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