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Banking & insurance market summary

Across the banking and insurance sector senior level hires have been on the increase over the last quarter. This growing trend indicates that many businesses across the sector are looking towards expansion and growth and as a result require heads of and directors of marketing to drive their strategies.

With digital high on the agenda for most businesses, those with strong skills and expertise across a wide range of digital channels are highly sought after at the senior level.

As the analysis of data continues to become an integral part of the marketing mix we’ve also witnessed an increase in demand across the sector for marketing analytics experts. However, with a shortage of skilled analytics professionals already an issue within the market, the growing demand is proving evermore challenging for businesses and recruiters alike to source the right talent.

In other areas we’ve also witnessed an increase in demand for product marketing professionals, particularly digital product experts. This trend further suggests businesses in the banking and insurance sector are looking towards expansion and growth as they look towards the development of new products and services.

Such demand is causing businesses to look at recruiting marketing and digital experts from new sectors to come in and drive change. For example, we’re currently experiencing a growing demand for businesses to recruit professionals from the consumer goods and retail sectors. Marketers with proven skills in consumer marketing and product marketing from these fast paced sectors are in high demand amongst banking and insurance firms.

On the whole, there has without doubt been a significant uplift in hiring activity over the past quarter, a trend we expect to continue for the remainder of 2014 and into 2015 as market optimism continues. From a candidate perspective this means plenty of opportunities lie ahead, particularly for marketers with strong digital experience.

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