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B2B marketing - can it be creative?


There is a perception in the marketing industry that B2B work will tend to be less innovative and engaging that consumer-facing projects, with marketers often focusing on the latter and leaving the former on the back burner to some extent.

However, the reality is that in many cases this is a misconception; B2B companies are as willing to embrace digital and mobile marketing as their consumer-focused counterparts, while their customers also need to be engaged rather than given huge lumps of data.

Emily Kelley, digital strategist at OgilvyOne, recently pointed out that the emergence of mobile marketing has had a major impact on the B2B sector.

Writing in B&T, she pointed out that B2B customers are "adopting mobile search at a rate much faster than the uptake seen for desktop searches; and they're visiting your website from their mobile devices at a surprisingly rapid growth rate".

Furthermore, she dismissed the idea that businesses tend to complete their purchase journey in a totally linear fashion, stressing that mobile use - among other things - has made this situation far more complicated.

Marketing manager at Powwownow Casey Williams also feels that B2B - while undeniably a different beast than consumer marketing - has room for creativity and the use of new technologies in its wheelhouse.
"More and more B2B businesses are now adopting online as well as offline strategies; these are relatively inexpensive to set-up and administer," she wrote in Business Zone.

While it may always be the case that consumer marketing gets the bigger budgets and generates more hype that its business-focused counterpart, the reality is that changes in the industry have also affected B2B.

By spending time with customers and working out what each aspect of the industry they are involved in needs, B2B marketers can ensure that they produce engaging and dynamic campaigns even with a relatively small amount of spending power.

Using technologies such as mobile or digital is one way that marketers can produce high-quality, creative, business-focused campaigns without breaking the bank.

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