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Are you interview ready?


Cara Delevingne’s rise from London school girl to global ‘It Girl’ has been nothing short of meteoric, leaving marketers undoubtedly envious of her brand.  Through her quirky and happy-go-lucky personality Delevingne has built a formidable following on social channels, amassing a monstrous 17 million followers on Instagram and more clout than Coke in the Twittersphere.

However, marketers should be wary of taking too many lessons from Ms. Delevingne, especially when it comes to fielding interview questions. A recent performance on Good Day Sacramento saw the model turned actor miss the mark completely, giving misjudged and sardonic answers to a less than receptive audience.

Indeed, being well prepared for an interview is an absolute must for any marketing professional hoping to change jobs in the near future. EMR’s 2015 salary & market trend report revealed that a significant 40% of those in the industry are looking to move within the next six months, and in such a competitive recruitment market the best interviewees will undoubtedly shine.

While employing tactics like positive body language and dividing attention between the interviewers may well help a marketer’s cause, there is absolutely no substitute for having a detailed understanding of a would-be employer’s operations, culture and strategy – as well as the conditions of the market they operate in.

Those looking for opportunities in 2015 therefore need to do their homework, and do it thoroughly.  You wouldn’t dream of launching a campaign with an understanding of a target market drawn simply from a skim read of a website – don’t make the same mistake when looking for that next step on the career ladder.

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