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A marketer’s biggest challenge can be marketing themselves


Just as doctors presumably know how best to get over a nasty bout of the flu and accountants’ tax returns are undoubtedly of the highest order, you’d expect marketing professionals to be masters when it comes to self-promotion. However, a recent piece of research conducted by EMR and The Knowledge Engineers, Building the Digital Team of the Future, has found that marketers actually don’t do the best job of marketing themselves.

While marketing is all about engagement, the research suggested that compared to their less-enlightened colleagues in other departments, marketers are not attending as many networking events or reading as many industry-relevant tweets and blogs.

This can have serious implications for how marketing departments are seen within their companies. As the connection between an organisation and the mass market, marketers should be highly attuned to what is happening in their industry. Recent EMR blogs focus on how marketing departments can have a louder and more influential voice in the boardroom – but they also must ensure their ideas are fresh and this can be achieved by a dialogue with their peers.

Marketers therefore need to make sure that they are making the most of the opportunities out there to keep up to date with the latest in their field. Don’t “do a Taylor Swift”, who recently hit headlines for criticising Apple over royalties only for it to be revealed that she may have been doing the same to photographers. Twitter, roundtables, networking events and blogs should not just be seen as opportunities to market to would-be customers, but as facilities to equip marketers with the tools needed to lead innovation in their organisations.

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